DEA initiative to address drug misuse, substance abuse and violent crime in Central Ohio

opioids and opioid paraphernalia(WCMH, September 9) DEA 360, an initiative addressing opioid misuse in the hardest hit communities across the nation, is launching in Central Ohio. This is the third 360 program in the state. DEA launched 360 in Cleveland in 2019, and in Dayton in 2017. 

“We want to help the community, to empower the community,” Assistant Special Agent in Charge Mauricio Jimenez said. “We’re trying to empower these organizations that are helping in our community. We want to be part of the solution. That’s all it is.”

“Since COVID, the borders have been shut down so the availability of  methamphetamine and cocaine have dwindled however fentanyl has stayed the same,” Jimenez said. “We can only guess as to why that is. My opinion is that fenatnyl is so powerful that you can make it stretch longer than you would methamphetamine and cocaine.”

Overdose deaths in Franklin County increased 65% compared to 2019, according to the coroner. Read more

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